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If you’re looking for a good charity to donate to in Pennsylvania, please consider Hamilton Health Center. Donate online, or call us to learn how you can make the Harrisburg community a safer and healthier environment for all our residents.

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Hamilton Health Center

At Hamilton Health Center, our doctors, nurses, physician assistants and staff members work together to provide the Harrisburg community with high-quality medical and dental care. Our federally qualified health center helps every patient, regardless of preexisting condition, ability to pay, insurance coverage, residency or immigration status. Hamilton Health Center provides health care when no one else will.
If you’re interested in donating to a health-related charity in central PA that improves the lives of families and strengthens the regional community, welcome to Hamilton Health Center. Our high-quality, patient-focused care makes us one of the best charities to donate to in Harrisburg because your funds will support the region we all call home.

What We Do

Hamilton Health Center provides a broad range of services, including: