Our Team

Dionna Reeves, BS

Medical Case Manager

I enjoy working with adults and assisting them with overcoming their barriers to care.  I am knowledgeable about community resources and enjoy connecting patients to resources that can assist them in their daily lives.  Empowering patients is rewarding and the reason why I love my job.

Kristin Wells, RN

Registered Nurse

My goal as the HOPE RN is to empower my patients to take an active role in their healthcare and treatment, and to educate them on how to effectively manage their condition. My role in the HOPE program includes making sure all our patients are up-to-date on vaccinations and bloodwork and educating them on the importance of taking their medication as prescribed.

Rayvon Donald. BSW

Medical Case Manager

I appreciate being able to engage with people daily. Building a helping relationship with individuals is very important to me. One of my professional and personal goals is to offer a positive role with the people I engage with. I hope that I can be continuously optimistic and make others around me optimistic as well. My expectation is that you can see all those things about me through my role here at HOPE.

Shana Colon

Care Coordinator

I’ve always had a passion for helping others and working with the HOPE program that’s just what I do. Whether it’s educating, counseling, or simply assisting with problems or challenges that our clients may be facing. I get a sense of satisfaction knowing that they know they can always count on me to sit down, listen and assist them with problem solving when they feel that all is against the wall.


Angelina Bartorelli, MSSW


I am on the front lines of HIV prevention! I work to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and debunk myths through my community HIV education presentations. In addition to education, I assist in patient navigation of HIV prevention options like Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).

Cecelia Pharris, MSW

HIV & Reproductive Health Services Manager

As a loyal employee of HHC for almost 10 years, it is with great pleasure I transfer into the HOPE department as the HIV & Reproductive services Manager.  My experience in working with youth seeking prevention education and testing for STDs and HIV has prepared me to work with this population.  I plan to support and serve as a resource to the staff and patients.

Dr. Arthur Williams, MD

Internal Medicine

Justin Berman, PA-C

Family Medicine