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The HOPE Program (HIV, Outreach and Patient Empowerment), a partnership with US Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau of HIV/AIDS, is one of only two such programs in Harrisburg that provides comprehensive HIV/AIDS SERVICES.

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Hamilton Health Center’s HOPE Program- Hiv/AIDS Care Harrisburg, PA located at 110 S 17th Street in Harrisburg and is staffed by a variety of specialized, trained individuals who represent our patient population ethnic disparities. The staff plays leadership roles in sustaining the HOPE Program, promoting HIV testing, counseling, treatment, awareness and education in the Harrisburg area.

The HOPE Program was established in 2001 to provide HIV Support in Harrisburg,PA. Our program provides treatment, education and preventative services to Dauphin County and surrounding areas. The HOPE Program encourages HIV testing in Harrisburg and HIV treatment in Harrisburg, performs intensive community outreach, provides speakers who describe the program’s services, and organizes a variety of events to educate people.

Every person who is sexually active should be tested. HOPE offers testing Mondays through Fridays, with or without appointments. There are three different kinds of HIV tests.

  • Orasure test
  • Blood drawn test
  • Oraquick test

Dauphin County has PA’s 4th highest rate of AIDS with 1200-1600 HIV cases African Americans are 18.1% of the County population, but 41% of its AIDS cases; Latinos are 4.1% of the population, and are 27% of its AIDS cases. Approximately, 600 individuals in our community with HIV are not receiving care. Hamilton’s Ryan White funded HOPE Program maintains the most diverse staff of all local HIV providers and includes a skilled African American HIV-specialist, the only minority physician providing HIV care in the Harrisburg region. HOPE provides HIV primary care services in an ambulatory care setting; support services that are especially important to our patients who often have multiple social problems, including poverty, social stigma, homelessness, substance abuse, persistent mental illness, and HIV-related depression; and is the only provider offering a team-based approach to HIV care to indigent patients in a community-based primary care setting, free testing and Hiv support in Harrisburg, PA.

HHC offers targeted prevention education programs in Dauphin County, and support for these programs will enable a greater number of people to receive important health education, as well as information necessary to prevent the transmission of diseases, such as HIV/AIDS.

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Jozelle Mator, part of The HOPE Program here at Hamilton Health Center, created a video discussing the state of HIV in South Central PA, where she was raised, and in Liberia, West Africa where she was born. View it here: