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Hamilton Health Center: Primary Care Clinic for Adults in Harrisburg

Do you need affordable adult health care in the Greater Harrisburg Region? Hamilton Health Center is dedicated to providing primary care to help adults across the region stay healthy. We provide a welcoming environment where you can feel valued as a patient. Additionally, Hamilton offers  personalized health care you deserve in a multilingual, multicultural, family-friendly environment.

Being proactive with your health care should be a high priority for all adults. For instance, it should come as no surprise that adults who receive regular primary care checkups and preventive care have better health outcomes. Living longer, feeling more energized and maintaining independence for as long as possible are just some of the benefits of keeping up with primary care.

Upon request and at no charge to the patient/client, Hamilton will provide interpretation services to limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals and individuals with hearing and vision impairments

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Why Visit Our Primary Care Physicians in Harrisburg?

Being proactive about your health should be a priority. With regular visits to the doctor, you decrease your chance of experiencing an emergency that requires immediate care. You also stay informed and are empowered to take ownership of your health.

Benefits of seeking care from our family physicians in Harrisburg include:

Making Adult Care in Harrisburg Affordable and Accessible

Primary care is an extremely important thing to keep up on for adults, because these visits can help identify and possibly stop a potential health emergency. Primary care physicians provide services across the gamut for their patients. The value of primary care physicians includes:

Choose Hamilton Health Center for Patient-Centered Services

At Hamilton, the priority is patient-center care and attention at Hamilton. What’s more, our services are centered in advocacy for all, including the uninsured and underinsured. Furthermore, we can also coordinate care for chronic conditions and work with other health care providers if you require specialized care.

Hamilton is different from other primary care physicians in the area. For example, we offer bilingual assistance and accept Medicaid. In addition, you can get affordable prescriptions through our on-site pharmacy. Our caring, responsive team wants to make you comfortable and answer all of your questions.

We provide care that encompasses many services, including:

Find Compassionate Care at Hamilton Health Center

Your health is precious, and we want to help you preserve it. Getting preventative care from physicians and health care providers you trust can make all the difference.

Hamilton is your home for health. Here you receive welcoming and affirming care. Hamilton serves patients of all ethnicities, religious backgrounds and sexual identities. Our core belief is that everyone should have access to high-quality health care, no matter their income level or insurance status. In addition, we take into account your personal values when designing care plans for your needs. We embrace all cultures and backgrounds, and we are happy to provide our services at our state-of-the-art facility.

If you have not seen a doctor recently, contact us to schedule an appointment with our primary care physicians today. Experience the difference that a supportive setting can make in your health care.