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discounted prescriprions from the Harrisburg PA medicine shoppeThe Harrisburg Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy is located within Hamilton Health Center. Since we are on-site, we work with your providers making sure you get the best care. At our Harrisburg hospital pharmacy, you can expect to be greeted by knowledgeable pharmacists and a technical staff dedicated to serving you, our customer. prescription deals from the Harrisburg PA hospital pharmacy

As a patient of Hamilton Health, you can participate in the 340B program or the sliding fee-scale.  Not only that, but by participating in this program, the government gives money back to the health center so they can continue to provide you with the best care and provide you with discounted prescriptions in Harrisburg PA.

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What Prescriptions Does The Medicine Shoppe in Harrisburg PA Provide?

The Medicine Shoppe in Harrisburg, PA offers many different types of medication packing for our retail customers, including:

No matter what you need from your pharmacy in Harrisburg, we have it covered! Pediatric, dental, diabetic or general health – we can fill all of your prescriptions! You will receive information and advice on health, medications and associated services such as:

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At our affordable pharmacy in Harrisburg, Camp Hill and Newport, we take pride in caring for our customers’ care and well-being. Customers can depend on our community pharmacy to be a health care and information resource center. Our pharmacists and staff regularly participate in community events and provide education on topics like drug-drug interactions and how medication can play a role in people’s lives. The principal goal of our pharmacists is to help the patient achieve positive outcomes from the use of medication which ultimately improves the quality of life for those walking through our doors.

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 “The Dentist I saw was courteous and gentle; his assistant was pleasant as well, she appears to be detail oriented and good at what she does…” – Kara H

“Love this pharmacy, love the staff, and love the manufacturers that they use for stocking their medications.” – Ashley Fix