Addiction Services Near Harrisburg

Addiction Services

Hamilton Health Center provides affordable and accessible addiction services to the Greater Harrisburg region, such as the Baby Love Program and Center for Excellence.  Oftentimes, people avoid receiving help for addiction because of cost. At Hamilton, we believe that no one should face financial barriers when it comes to recovery from addiction. Our programs provide a holistic approach to opioid and other drug addiction. From medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to employment, education, and housing assistance, Hamilton has the resources you need to get clean and stay clean.

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Addiction Recovery Services Near Harrisburg

When it comes to addiction recovery, living an overall healthy lifestyle is critical. At Hamilton, we provide affordable, safe, and convenient healthcare for men, women, and children of all ages. In addition to Hamilton Addiction Services, we provide a number of services that will keep you healthy. Our Patient Benefits Service will help you assess your insurance eligibility and assist you with application processes. We have Spanish and Nepali interpreters on-site for your language needs and participate in additional interpretation and translation services for additional language needs.

Our adult medicine department provides internal medicine services for people of all genders. In addition, we provide dental and vision services on-site and preventative care.

When it comes to recovery from addiction, you are not alone. Contact us today for more information.

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