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Affordable Health Care options are avaiable. Hamilton Health Center provides preventive care and treatment to patients of all ages, cultures and abilities to pay. If you are uninsured or underinsured, Hamilton Health Center can help.

Our Certified Application Counselors help individuals and families enroll in insurance through the Pennie Marketplace. If you are a migrant worker or a non-citizen visitor or guest, schedule an appointment. Hamilton Health Center helps patients when no one else will.

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Affordable Health Insurance in Harrisburg, PA

Hamilton Health is also part of the United Way’s Contact to Care initiative, which establishes affordable health care insurance and further financial help.

Aside from finding more affordable medical insurance, it also assists people in getting vision and dental care, renewing insurance applications, providing transportation to appointments and connecting them with food services.

Learn more about this initiative in the video below.

Providing people with affordable insurance and having health centers that offer assistance to those without insurance are the best ways to give people preventive medicine.

The emergency room is not a primary care provider that offers preventive medicine. Still, going to an ER is the first step in treatment for many people without insurance as they cannot meet with a PCP. Preventive medicine:

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When you need access to quality, affordable health insurance in Harrisburg, call Hamilton Health Center. Learn how we can help you get access to the health care you deserve.

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