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To find out the current WIC income guidelines go to www.pawic.com and for more information on USDA WIC Non-Discrimination, view their statement here.

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FAQs About WIC


How do I apply?

Visit our main office at 110 S. 17th Street, Harrisburg, PA 17104 to apply in person.

Who is eligible for WIC?

  • Pregnant individuals
  • Individuals who have had a baby in the past 6 months
  • Individuals who are breastfeeding/chestfeeding a baby under one year of age 
  • Infants and children under the age of five
  • Foster children are automatically eligible for WIC
  • WIC does not require proof of citizenship

What are the income guidelines for WIC?

  • Please see the link for current income eligibility guidelines:
  • Unborn infants are included in the household size
  • Clients who receive Medical Assistance (MA), Temporary Aid for Needy Families (TANF), and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) are automatically eligible.

What does WIC consider as income?

Income is counted for everyone living n the household and includes:

  • Employment wages earned before taxes
  • self-employment earnings
  • dividend or interest income
  • Social Security benefits
  • SSI
  • Public assistance
  • Alimony or child support payments
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Net rental income
  • Other cash income

Foster parent income is not considered.

What documentation is needed for WIC?

Proof of Identity for each individual applying

The following are examples of acceptable forms of ID:

  • Driver’s license, photo ID card, passport, or student ID
  • Infant’s birth certificate, crib card, social security card
  • Child’s birth certificate, crib card, social security card, or passport
  • Proof of household gross Income for everyone living in the household (ex: pay stubs from the last 30 days, unemployment letter, child support, income tax return for self-employed persons only)
  • Access card (if applicable)
  • Proof of Pennsylvania residency (ex: document with name and current address such as driver’s license, utility bill, or recent mail)
  • Your children under the age of five 
  • Proof of pregnancy stating the due date (if applicable)

Call a friendly WIC team member at 1-800-442-9421 if you have any questions! 

What To Take

How to qualify for WIC in Pennsylvania?

To qualify for WIC, a participant must be a Pennsylvania resident, be either a pregnant woman, breastfeeding woman up to 1 year, a woman up to 6 months post-partum, or an infant or child under the age of 5, including foster children. You must also meet the WIC income guidelines and bring all of the required documentation to your certification appointment.

How can we help with groceries?

  • WIC is supplemental food and nutrition program that offers families healthy foods.
  • During the summer months, families receive Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program vouchers.

What foods are WIC approved?

WIC provides specific foods to supplement the dietary needs of participants to ensure good health and development. Food packages typically include iron-fortified infant cereal, milk, cheese, eggs, whole grains, peanut butter, beans, fruits, vegetables, and juice, which can be found in the WIC Food List and Shopping Guide.
Download the WIC Shopper App or view the current food list below.

Current Food List

Can you receive WIC if you are a father, grandparent, guardian, or foster parent?

If you are a grandparent, father, or foster parent who has custody of a child under age five, you may apply for the child to receive WIC. Custody paperwork will be required for a change of custody or other custody issues. Situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Contact your WIC office to schedule an appointment today!


What if I'm a teen? Do I qualify if I live with my mom or dad?

In most cases, if you are a teen, and your parent(s) claim you as a dependent on their taxes, you must count all of the income of your household to determine if you are eligible for WIC. Please call the WIC office at 1-800-442-9421 to find out if you are income eligible.

How often do you receive WIC benefits?

WIC benefits are issued to each participant at their WIC appointments for typically three months at a time. Appointments are needed every three months to follow-up on participants’ health and nutrition, and to issue new sets of WIC benefits.

What benefits does WIC provide?

The WIC program provides eligible pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding individuals, infants, and children under age 5 with nutrition information, breastfeeding support, health screenings, healthy foods, and referrals.

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The WIC Program has earned the reputation of being one of the most successful federally-funded nutrition programs in the United States. PA WIC is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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Hamilton Health Center offers WIC services in the greater Harrisburg area.

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