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Health Care Services in Harrisburg, PA

Hamilton Health Center is here to help you enjoy the best health care services in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, at a price you can easily afford. We offer health services in Harrisburg to families with low incomes and various backgrounds. If you’re in need of health care services in Harrisburg, and you’re multilingual or on Medicaid, come to our one-stop medical facility today. We’ll provide medical services for you even when other health care centers turn you down.

Here are some of the reasons why Hamilton Health Center stands out.

Federally Qualified Health Center

As a community-based health care provider, we receive funds to deliver primary health care and medical services in Harrisburg, especially in poorly served areas. That’s why we can offer treatment at greatly reduced prices. We also offer transportation and ambulance services when you need them.

Community Health Clinic Near Harrisburg

Hamilton Health Center provides full primary care to patients who don’t have health insurance. The fees we charge you for health services in Harrisburg are based on your income. Our primary health care services include:

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Family-Centered Medical Facility

We know your family is unique. When we take care of you or your child, we include the entire family. We work with parents to choose the best treatment process for each child. We keep talking with our patients’ families to improve the quality and safety of care.

Multicultural and Bilingual

We provide the same excellent care to patients of every ethnicity. You’ll feel at home with different members of our team who can speak your language.

Our Health Services Near Harrisburg

When you visit the Hamilton Health Center, you can enjoy the following services:

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Give us a call now to book an appointment for any type of medical treatment you need. We also offer preventive tests and medical checks at very low prices. Come to our one-stop center and experience the best medical services in Harrisburg today.

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