“Wonderful service from Dr. Lara and Monique! so concerned! lots of patience with me! the staff is also very patient and so friendly! The people at the desks front and check-out same. I have to say this is a great place! The staff goes out of their way to make you feel at ease! I get so nervous when I need dental work.”

– Lula B

“I’ve been a dental patient for years. They have accepted me as a walk in and with an appointment. Once you arrive into the dental area, the receptionists were helpful, the hygienist was thorough and kind – great patient care. The dentist were also good. If you’re able to reach this department and get an appt, it’s worth it.”

– Shelley M

“I came here for all my 3 pregnancies. I have nothing by good vibe about this place. I was uninsured and they put me on a sliding scale fees. which was really reasonable. I understand that they are here to help people that are going thru a tough financial time. So they did their best to help me afford the high cost of prenatal visits.”

– Hubs Fona

“I understand that my single experience can not be used as a benchmark for this place, however my wife and I came for the wic department and everyone was extremely pleasant, from the main front desk, to the wic front desk even down to the nutritionist. I did not feel as though we would be looked down upon (which I was anticipating) dont let all these bad reviews scare you from coming here.”

– Cezzy Abarca

“I’ve gone 3 times to my dental appointments, and will keep going. Lots of parking space, very clean and staff very friendly.”

– Zory Yglesias

“This is the most professionally run, state-of-the-art medical facility I’ve ever been in. Doctors and staff were very professional, friendly and efficient. Definitely a positive experience for me.”

– Neil Dorsey

“Good quality service and the Doctor’s help you with your needs in order to make you feel better”

– Keith Mason Sr

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