Top Tips for Preventing Strep Throat

Strep throat has uncomfortable symptoms such as sore throat, fever and problems breathing or swallowing. The contagious bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes causes strep throat when it spreads to a person without the disease. You can reduce your chance of getting or spreading strep throat by following certain precautions. This guide will teach you how to prevent strep throat and what to do if you have it.

how to prevent strep throat

How to Prevent Strep Throat Naturally

Try the following strategies to reduce your family’s risk of getting strep throat:

You can lower you or your child’s chance of getting strep throat by limiting your exposure to the Streptococcus pyogenes bacteria. Following these tips can help you avoid spreading strep throat and other infections at any time of the year.

Preventing the Spread of Strep Throat

If you or someone you love already has strep throat, you can take steps to avoid spreading it. You can protect others by:

Everyone has a part to play in reducing strep throat’s spread, including people who already have it.

How to Prevent Strep Throat When You Feel It Coming

Symptoms like a sore throat that lasts longer than 48 hours and small spots inside your mouth can both indicate strep throat. If these symptoms show up, you may already have the infection. Visit a doctor to get a rapid strep test and throat culture that can tell you if you have strep throat. The professionals at Hamilton Health can test you for strep throat and provide the right treatment.

Get Strep Throat Diagnosis and Treatment at Hamilton Health

At Hamilton Health, we offer patient-centered care to people regardless of health, economic or insurance status. To see a doctor for strep throat or another infection, call us at 717-232-9971 to schedule an appointment.