How to Keep Your Kid’s Teeth Clean

Children’s Dental Care

keeping your kids teeth cleanAs soon as the first tooth appears, parents should start thinking about their infant’s dental hygiene. As they get older, parents should teach their children how to maintain healthy teeth.

Good oral hygiene is critical to your child’s overall well-being. Gum disease is the leading risk factor for heart disease, diabetes and other conditions. Whether it’s to maintain a great smile or prevent disease, follow the tips below to keep your kid’s teeth in good shape. In celebration of National Children’s Dental Health Month (February 2018), we’d like to share some tips for you to try with your family.

Tips To Try

Use Fluoride

Once the baby grows teeth, start brushing them using an infant toothbrush. Make sure to use toothpaste that has a bit of fluoride. Brush using a very small amount. Fluoride strengthens your kid’s tooth enamel and helps repair any signs of damage to the teeth. Buy fluoride toothpaste that has the ADA (American Dental Association) seal of approval.

If you’re using infant toothpaste with no fluoride, still use a tiny amount, because you want to minimize how much toothpaste they swallow.

Brush 2 Minutes, 2 Times a Day

Two minutes is how long your kids should brush their teeth, two times a day. You can make it fun for the kids by using a timer. Think of it as splitting the child’s mouth into four portions: top-right, top-left, bottom-right and bottom-left. Then, let your kid brush each portion for around 30 seconds.

Floss Regularly

The earlier you can teach your kids to floss, the better. It’s good to start once they grow two teeth that touch each other — usually at the age of two. Begin with small interdental brushes. These will help your kid learn the movements of brushing in and out of teeth to help prevent the build-up of plaque.

Show Them How To

Kids learn by watching, so allow them to watch you brush. Make sure you’re brushing correctly in a circular motion on the teeth. Don’t use water to rinse your mouth. Spit out the toothpaste, but don’t use water, as you’ll be washing out valuable fluoride. It’s important that you supervise your kid as they brush until they reach the age of seven.

Make Dental Appointments Fun

Never instill fear in your kid about visiting the dentist. The dentist should inspect your baby’s teeth from an early age, because it will help them understand everything that’s going on. Dental check-ups should be done every six months for kids. Don’t forget to talk to your dentist about fluoride use — especially after the age of two.

Feed Them Low Sugar Food

Tooth decay is one of the leading causes of children’s hospital admissions before the age of nine, and sugar is usually the main culprit. Fizzy drinks contain large doses of sugar and acids that erode the surfaces of teeth. Never give your kids sugary drinks in baby bottles, because the sugar stays in contact with the teeth for longer, causing dental decay. Feed them low-sugar foods like milk from 12 months to 2 years of age.

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