Sticking to Your Healthy Resolutions

What Is a Healthy Weight for Me?

weight loss resolutionsA healthy weight is one that helps you get the most of your life. It’s a weight that gives you a good quality of life. If you have a healthy weight, you’re likely to live longer and less likely to develop diseases such as some cancers, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Different people have different healthy weights. If you’re tall, you can be healthy at a heavier weight than someone who is shorter. Let’s say you’re 5 feet 10 inches tall. A healthy weight for you is generally anywhere between 132 to 176 pounds. If you’re 5 feet tall, a healthy weight for you is generally somewhere between 99 to 132 pounds.

One of the best ways to know if you have a healthy weight is to weigh yourself and determine your body mass index (BMI) by using a BMI calculator. You can also know if you’re at risk of developing certain diseases by measuring your waist circumference.

If you often run out of energy when doing simple activities, or if your clothes feel a little too tight, it’s worth thinking about whether you’ve added some weight. In celebration of Healthy Weight Week (January 15-19, 2018), we want to share some tips on how to maintain a healthy weight.

Ways to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Set Attainable Goals

Your healthy weight goals may not be the same as those of others. Start by asking yourself, “What is a healthy weight for me?” You may want to add some weight or retain the weight you have. Perhaps you’re trying to lose a bit of weight or a lot of weight. Any of these goals are achievable if you set realistic targets.

For instance, if you’re overweight or obese, you can aim to lose at least 5 percent of your total weight. Achieving this weight will have significant benefits for your overall health. If you’re underweight, you can aim to eat a variety of foods from various food groups every day.

It’s a smart idea to do specific things, as well. Think about the things you enjoy doing and match them with how you want to achieve a healthy weight. For instance, with physical activity, you could ask yourself whether:

You may also want to consume less junk food and eat more vegetables instead. You may also want to improve body posture and even join a soccer team or take up swimming. It’s your body and your health, so think about the best way you want to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Share Your Goals With Friends and Family

Achieving a healthy weight is easier when you have the support of friends and family. Talk to them about what you hope to achieve and ask for their support. If they’re not too willing to help, don’t give up. You could get them involved by suggesting a physical activity you can do together. You can also walk together to a park nearby and prepare healthy snacks once a week. If you take the initiative, your friends and family may follow your lead.

Get Back Up When You Slip

If you slip up, forget it and concentrate on your next step. It’s not about how many times you slip, but rather how quickly you get up. Commitment to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight can be an exciting journey that will improve your life and happiness overall.

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