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STI Prevention Tips

Posted on July 29th 2019 | Posted in: HIV/AIDS , Preventative Care ,

STI Prevention Tips The prevention and control of sexually transmitted diseases is critical for sexually active people. The best way to prevent a sexually transmitted infection (STI) is to abstain from all sexual activity— but that's not practical for most people. So, we will give you proven STI and STD prevention tips that’ll help you enjoy an active sex life without the health risks. Practice Mutual Monogamy Do your best...

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man's stomach hurting from a hernia

Common Signs of Hernias

Posted on July 29th 2019 | Posted in: Preventative Care ,

Hernias are a common medical concern among adults. They do not always have an obvious physical cause. Hernias become more of a health risk factor with age, but anyone can experience the discomfort of these medical complications. What is a Hernia? Hernias occur suddenly or over time, where there is a weakness or opening in the abdominal muscular wall. This area is called the peritoneum, and its main purpose is...

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umbrella preventing the sun from giving skin cancer

Top Skin Cancer Prevention Tips

Posted on May 23rd 2019 | Posted in: Cancer , Preventative Care ,

Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States, affecting more people every year than all other types of cancer combined. Most cases of skin cancer are caused by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. This radiation comes from the sun as well as from some artificial sources like tanning beds. Though it's difficult to avoid UV rays entirely, you can prevent damage to the skin and detect skin cancer...

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May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

Posted on May 9th 2019 | Posted in: Uncategorized ,

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. One in five Americans experience a mental illness. Hamilton is growing to support our patients’ full array of health care needs. In the past month the Behavioral Health Department has doubled in size. This team is now comprised of Dr. Goins, Joyce McCadney, and Yvette Bailey for brief intervention, brief cognitive therapy, behavior modification and crisis management. Dr. Majeed is now available for psychiatric...

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Dr. Bolanle Limann Named New Chief Medical Officer

Posted on May 7th 2019 | Posted in: Uncategorized ,

Hamilton Health Center is proud to announce that Dr. Bolanle Limann M.D, M.DA, M.P.H has been named the new Chief Medical Officer of Hamilton Health Center. Dr. Limann will provide leadership for all of our clinical departments and ensure that we are providing consistent top-quality patient-center care across all of our different clinical departments. Her primary responsibility will be to direct our various departments and make certain that all departments...

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2018 Golf Tournament To be Held On September 10th

Posted on May 14th 2018 | Posted in: Uncategorized ,

We will be hosting our 7th annual golf tournament On Monday, September 10th at West Shore Country Club and are still accepting sponsors and golfers for this year's event. Check out our sponsorship options below: 2018.GolfTournamentBrochure (inside) To become a sponsor of this year's event fill out the form attached below and email it to bgebhart@hamiltonhealthcenter.com 2018.GolfTournamentBrochure (Sponsor Form)) We would also like to thank our 2018 Golf Tournament Sponsor; UPMC...

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diabetes blood sugar tester

How to Manage Diabetes

Posted on April 2nd 2018 | Posted in: Diabetes , Self Care ,

Managing Diabetes In honor of Defeat Diabetes Month (April 2018), we'd like to offer some tips for those living with Type I and Type II Diabetes. When you have an illness like diabetes, it can be hard to accept that there's currently no permanent medical cure for the disease. There are two major types of diabetes. With type 1 diabetes, the body doesn’t produce insulin. With type 2 diabetes, the...

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Detecting Colorectal Cancer

Posted on March 30th 2018 | Posted in: Uncategorized ,

 Use Our FIT Test To Detect Colorectal Cancer  One in 20 people will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer. It is the third most common diagnosed cancer in both men and women. Most cases appear in people 50 years or older. With early screening 60% of colorectal cancer deaths could be prevented. As you age you become more at risk that's why it's important to be continually screened. Hamilton HealthCenter...

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Chief Executive Officer Jeannine Peterson

CEO Jeannine Peterson Featured On PennLive

Posted on March 13th 2018 | Posted in: Uncategorized ,

Our CEO Jeannine Peterson was recently featured in a PennLive article discussing our new satellite center near Newport, PA which is set to open this fall. This new facility will help provide individuals access to medications that can help them overcome addiction to heroin and opioid pain killers. The facility will also set up addicted individuals with caseworkers who will help guide them through the drug treatment system. Check out...

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Learn How to Prevent HIV/AIDS

Posted on February 7th 2018 | Posted in: HIV/AIDS , Self Care ,

HIV and African Americans Recent statistics from the CDC on HIV prevention show that African Americans have a greater proportion of new HIV/AIDS diagnoses than other racial/ethnic groups. In 2015, African Americans had 45 percent of HIV diagnoses. The report further revealed that: In the U.S., 17,670 of those diagnosed with HIV were African Americans. Over half (58 percent) of new African American HIV cases were bisexual or gay men....

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