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Detecting Colorectal Cancer

Posted on March 30th 2018 | Posted in: Uncategorized ,

 Use Our FIT Test To Detect Colorectal Cancer  One in 20 people will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer. It is the third most common diagnosed cancer in both men and women. Most cases appear in people 50 years or older. With early screening 60% of colorectal cancer deaths could be prevented. As you age you become more at risk that's why it's important to be continually screened. Hamilton HealthCenter...

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Chief Executive Officer Jeannine Peterson

CEO Jeannine Peterson Featured On PennLive

Posted on March 13th 2018 | Posted in: Uncategorized ,

Our CEO Jeannine Peterson was recently featured in a PennLive article discussing our new satellite center near Newport, PA which is set to open this fall. This new facility will help provide individuals access to medications that can help them overcome addiction to heroin and opioid pain killers. The facility will also set up addicted individuals with caseworkers who will help guide them through the drug treatment system. Check out...

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Learn How to Prevent HIV/AIDS

Posted on February 7th 2018 | Posted in: HIV/AIDS , Self Care ,

HIV and African Americans Recent statistics from the CDC on HIV prevention show that African Americans have a greater proportion of new HIV/AIDS diagnoses than other racial/ethnic groups. In 2015, African Americans had 45 percent of HIV diagnoses. The report further revealed that: In the U.S., 17,670 of those diagnosed with HIV were African Americans. Over half (58 percent) of new African American HIV cases were bisexual or gay men....

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Employee wearing red for Health Center Funding

Wear Red for Health Center Funding

Posted on February 6th 2018 | Posted in: Uncategorized ,

Taking action is simple: wear RED as part of the #RedAlert4CHCs – take a picture with your family, friends and colleagues and post it to social media using the #RedAlert4CHCs hashtag demanding that Congress Act NOW to fix the Health Center funding cliff once and for all. Access template posts and easy instructions for posting on the HC Advocacy website. Taking action really is that simple, but this critically important...

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keeping your kids teeth clean

How to Keep Your Kid’s Teeth Clean

Posted on February 5th 2018 | Posted in: Dental Health , Self Care ,

Children's Dental Care As soon as the first tooth appears, parents should start thinking about their infant’s dental hygiene. As they get older, parents should teach their children how to maintain healthy teeth. Good oral hygiene is critical to your child's overall well-being. Gum disease is the leading risk factor for heart disease, diabetes and other conditions. Whether it's to maintain a great smile or prevent disease, follow the tips...

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weight loss resolutions

Sticking to Your Healthy Resolutions

Posted on January 15th 2018 | Posted in: Diabetes , Healthy Weight , Self Care ,

What Is a Healthy Weight for Me? A healthy weight is one that helps you get the most of your life. It’s a weight that gives you a good quality of life. If you have a healthy weight, you’re likely to live longer and less likely to develop diseases such as some cancers, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Different people have different healthy weights. If you’re tall, you can...

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how to prevent Glaucoma

5 Ways to Prevent Glaucoma

Posted on January 1st 2018 | Posted in: Diabetes , Eye Care ,

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in the world. It belongs to a group of eye diseases that lead to damaging the main vision nerve — the optic nerve. In the early stages of the disease, glaucoma has no symptoms at all. Often, it’s not until the disease is at an advanced stage that vision loss becomes evident, and by then your eyesight may have suffered irreversible...

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wash your hands to prevent strep throat

Learn How to Properly Wash Your Hands

Posted on December 4th 2017 | Posted in: Preventative Care , Self Care ,

How to Wash Your Hands It's more important than ever to keep your hands clean and to stop the spreading of germs and viruses so health care organizations can keep up with the demand. Hamilton Health wanted to share some informative tips regarding handwashing so you and the loved ones around you can stay safe! Hand washing is supposed to be a daily routine. You should wash your hands after...

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reasons to visit an OBGYN

Important Reasons to Visit the OBGYN

Posted on December 1st 2017 | Posted in: Women's Health ,

Reasons to Visit a Gynecologist It is important for anyone who has a uterus to see a gynecologist or obstetrician-gynecologist (OBGYN) at regular intervals throughout their life. Whether or not you plan on having children, gynecologists and OB/GYNs provide essential women's health services. In what follows, we will answer the question "What is an OBGYN?" and give reasons why it is important to visit a gynecologist.  What Is an OBGYN? A gynecologist or OB/GYN is...

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